Sunday, March 29, 2009


Been traveling a lot at work these days, a perfect way to see more of Norway! My last stop was the city Stavanger. Found a small area with cosy houses, stores and cafés in pastels. Unfortunately I just had my cellphone, and of course low batt...Anyways, I got some clicks, enough to show you a sneak peek ;)

Came over a cool skateboard shop Shit. In the window they had skateboard with the Norwegian Marius print. Normally you find it on the traditional Norwegian Marius sweaters. Me like!

Pictures; flickr and Shit

If you´ve been there, live there, I would love to know other drop by places in Stavanger! I can´t wait to come back!


  1. Så kuult!Stavanger er en koselig by. Ikke lenge til vi reiser avgårde nå snuppa ;-) Jeg gleder meg syyyyykt

  2. Mee too! Skal bli deilig med litt ferie + inspirasjon kjenner jeg =)